During the course, we will use design-thinking and basic artistic techniques to tackle real-life problems, and create impactful solutions. We will build prototypes, models, and designs to resolve the challenges. We will carefully test each idea and solution, and give/receive feedback from friends, families, and community members.

Design me a room cleaner

Design me a snowboard please

Design me an infinity milk carton, you can use it forever without it getting spoiled

Design me a device that can find my socks!

Tool: Mixed-Media, 3D Modeling

Good Word: Prototype

Positivity Board

Design me a board that shows images & quotes that will help someone feel better!

Tool: Printmaking

Unicorn Horn

Design me a new horn that can reach the stars!

Tool: origami

Good Word: Form, Shape

Animal Maker

Design me a machine that can turn you into an animal!

Tool: Model Making


Design me a gadget that can make my everyday life safer!

Tool: Design-Thinking

Best Ever Water Bottle

I wanna stay hydrated! Design me the best ever water bottle!

Tool: Sketch, Water color

Instant Delivery

Design me two fast delivery unicorns!

Tool: Engineering

Good Word: Kinetic Power

Build a House

Design me a house that looks like yours!

Tool: Pop up, Model Making

Start with: Design me...

Anyone can take part in changing the world!

Write us some of your ideas on how to change the world, and we will work together as a group to design a solution. Your ideas will show up on the agenda right away!

Here is the example:

Design me sneakers that can help to run 100 miles per minute.

Guest of the week!

Every week, we have a special guest artists and experts from around the world who join us to make designs and talk about their artistic career. You can share your ideas, and ask questions as we work together on the art project!

Hitchhiker & Videographer from Vienna, Austria

May, 7 at 1:00 pm

Artist from San Francisco, CA

May, 23 at 1:00 pm

Luis Branco

Photographer from Portugal, Estramos

May, 21 at 1:00 pm

Lori Michelon

Printmaker from Mammoth Lakes

May, 14 at 1:00 pm

You're all set to be a pro!

Creative professionals keep journals to help them capture ideas and comments of their friends, and overcome an artist block. You have the Journal and the Magic Pen to draw and write down your ideas, and complete assignments!

Don’t stop creating!

Design me... Work Book

Download the "Design Me... Workbook" to create your designs!

The program is designed for future designers, architects, engineers, and artists who want to change the world! The program reinforces language learning skills through visual thinking. To make the classes accessible, we created graphic organisers that provide clear instructions and make the participation simple and fun.


Design me ! Thursday, April 30

Session 1

11:30 am: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

1:00 pm: 3rd-5th Grade

2:30 pm: 6th-8th Grade

Duration: 20-40 min