Anime it!

During this eight-lesson course, we will draw anime characters, manga, and comics, and learn to make short animations. You will use the same skills, tools, and artistic processes to create your artwork as real creative professionals.


Anime it! Tuesday, April 28

Session 5: Emotions. Doodles. Portraits.

11:30 am Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

1:00 pm 3rd-5th Grade

2:30 pm 6th-8th Grade

It you missed one of our sessions see the slides:

Session#5 Feel it!

Session 5: Emotions. Doodles. Portraits.

Skills: Portrait, Storytelling

Medium: Color Pencil

Digital Skills: Flipa Clip

Session6_Flip Book

Session 6: Flip books. Simple Animation.

Skill: Drawing

Medium: Markers, Pencils, Oil pastel


Session 7: Make Them Move!

Skill: Gesture Drawing, Painting

Medium: Pencil, Tempera Paint

Digital Medium:

Session 8: Animatics & Digital Photography.

Skills: Drawing, Color Pencils

Medium: Soft Pastels

Digital Skill: Digital Photography

Turnaround Class

We will draw your favorite toys, movie characters, game heroes, friends, or pets following the same processes that real anime professionals do.

Participants create turnaround drawings using watercolor. They practice observational drawing and complex problem solving to create and develop art characters.

Medium: Watercolor

Lesson#2_MindMap_Simple Clay

Now let's make a moodboard and 3D model of your character out of clay.

Participants explore basic brainstorming techniques to define their characters' identities. Participants also practice sculpting to make characters out of model clay. They also participate in collaborative activities to present characters and to share ideas.

Medium: Collage, Mind Maps, Model Magic


We will next create short manga and comics about your character, their adventures, and the world around them.

Participants compose and draw stories and organize them in storyboards. Participants brainstorm storytelling ideas and capture them in storyboards. They also practice presenting complex ideas and telling stories about their characters.

Skills: Storytelling, Storyboard

Medium: Oil Pastels, Collage

Digital Skills:

Draw Your World

#4 Draw Your World!

Let's build a home for your character!

Participants sketch landscape, drawing the inspiration from the surrounding nature and their imagination. They turn the landscape into 3 Dimensional panoramas using paper folding techniques.

Medium: Soft Pastels

We ask you to take pictures of your artwork, and email them to us at or post on Instagram under #monomakesart or #makeitmono #makeitmagicmono #monoartsouncil.

We will publish your artwork to share with the community, families, and the world!