MAC After-school Art Club

Welcome to the Arts, Crafts, and Animation Class!

Here you can learn about the class and follow our students' artwork

Our Artworks

We regularly upload our students' artwork on this page so you can follow their progress

What are we going to do in the class?

Welcome to the Art, Craft & Tech program where young artists create their first short animated movies, explore the artistic process and vocabulary, and practice drawing, painting and sculpting.

Lesson #1 Create First Short Story

We make our first .GIF stop motion videos using construction paper

see the artworks

Lesson #2 Make Characters

We draw sketches of original animated characters and choose their superpower

see the artworks

Lesson #3 Draw your stories

We brainstorm storytelling ideas, capture them in storyboards, and create 3D stop motion movies

Lesson #4 Design Your World

We sketch, create and animate Design Sets for movies

Lesson # 5 Add Soundtrack

We explore the basics of sound production, record our voices and add sound to the animation

Lesson # 6,7 Work in progress days!

We have 3 work-in-progress days to develop ideas, make characters and produce our movies

Showcase Day!

It's showtime! Today we share our movies with everyone